Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

Qatar Charity launches relief projects in Somalia

A delegation from Qatar Charity (QC) headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Thani has visited Somalia to observe the worsening humanitarian situation there.

QC has launched several relief projects in Somalia and met with the Prime Minister of Somalia and other officials.

The delegation included: Jasem Aljasem, the adviser to the Executive Manager of QC, Mansour Dafaa, an adviser of International Arbitration and a member of the General Assembly of QC, Ahmed Saleh Alali, QC’s Media Manager, Nayef Alanzy, and other media contributors including: Abdellah Anzy, Ahmed Abdellah, Sayed Hussam Rowhy, Abdullah Helali, and from Marsal Qatar network Yaseen Harsi.

After observing the Somalis’ difficult conditions of living, Qatar Charity’s delegation launched a number of important humanitarian projects including opening a kitchen that will serve 7,000 people and launching of an artesian well that will provide drinking water for about 4,000 in drought-devastated areas.

Sheikh Hamad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Thani pointed out that the recent surge of drought has an effect on all aspects of life in Somalia. It has caused a loss of livestock that farmers relied on for daily needs, and people take refuge at shelters at cities so that they could find minimal safety and stay alive.

Detailing more on the humanitarian condition in Somalia, Aljasem said: “It is in fact a catastrophe, unbelievable thing. There is a gloomy and heart breaking situation, it is a fact. Nobody could imagine the existence of people living in such situation. Somalians have been suffering for three years because of drought and this is what made the living conditions unbearable. Thousands of families had to take refuge at other areas so that they could have some food or a sip of water. Those who couldn’t make it are among the dead.”

Sayed Mansour Aldafe, the international arbitrary adviser and the General Assembly member of Qatar Charity said, “We visited the place so that we could carry their massage and need to Qataris. After observation, we ask the good people of Qatar to help their brothers and sisters in Somalia, and to do it fast. Anything could help; excavating wells or provide food and medicine.”

As the crisis continues in the midst of lack of basic needs, more help and efforts are needed. Qatar Charity calls for donors to continue their support to save Somalia. People of Qatar can continue their support through various contributions such as QR100 for providing water, QR300 for food basket and QR500 for providing medical services. One can also donate using SMS to the number 92632 to donate QR50, to the number 92642 to donate QR200, or to the number 92428 for QR500.

One can also donate via e-mail at, or via the hotline; 44667711, or through collection points and self-service machines of QC at malls.

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