Published On: Sun, Apr 2nd, 2017

Tension mounts in the Al-Shabaab fighting camps

A few days after Al-Shabaab planned attacks were leaked to the US intelligence units, the terror group has turned against its fighters accusing them of spying for the AMISOM forces.

It has been said that those who are suspected of doing that they have been executed by the Al-Shabaab firing squad.

The group accused hundreds of Kenyans and other foreign fighters like those from America fighting for the terror group of spying for Kenya Defence Force.

It is alleged that a former Kenyatta University student who seems to still hold favour with the Al-Shabaab commanders is the one in charge of the terror group prosecution of and execution of the foreign fighters including his fellow Kenyan whom he, himself recruited to the group.

The recent case of execution happened immediately the US president Donald Trump approved the US military authority to peruse the al –Qaida-linked group.

A 26-year-old Ahamed Yusuf Hassan and Ahmed Nur Abdi are the recent Kenyans accused of collaborating with the AMISOM forces and the Somalia government and were executed by the Al-Shabaab firing squad as hundreds of locals watched.

Al-Shabaab has also set up a network of secret prisons in which they jail those fighters especially foreigners who are spying on them.

They are tortured and killed as locals and other fighters watch so that they instill fear in the locals and fellow fighters who may have the intention or who are spying on them to stop that.

This has caused tension among the fighters as some of them flee for their lives because they fear that they will be killed over the same.

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