Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

Benadir Regional Court decision on Dahabo’s case

Benadir Regional Court

Sum. MGB/DML/51/017

Subject: Court verdict

After having seen: The Application in a Case REF. DMAD/1007/17 Date: 16-02, 2017 wrote by the lawyers of Dahabo Hajji Isse.

After having seen: The summon letter mark: MGB/DML/51/017, Date. 18-02-2017, issued by Benadir regional court.

After having seen: Ref. Letter. MOLSAD/DM/8/2017 Date. 16-02-2017, with the intention to submit a lawsuit of an employee from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

After having seen: Article 4, law no. 5, Date. August 10, 1969 under labor convention.

After having considered: General interest of the justice, the chairman of Benadir Regional court has issued this following decision:-

  1. The court has excepted the application case of lawyer of Dahabo Hajji Isse.
  2. Dahabo Hajji Isse can resume her work at ICRC since her dismissal was unlawful.
  3. Dahab has the right to continue her work at ICRC without interruption.

Finally, the court orders Dhiblawe security company and all security guards at ICRC office in Mogadishu not to harm Ms Dahabo, and allow her resume work. He who tries to harm Dahab will be punished under the law.

Dr Aweys Sheikh Abdullahi Wehliye

The chairman of Benadir Regional court


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