Published On: Sun, Dec 18th, 2016

Somalis in Ottawa voice concern over double homicide

The names of the two sisters who were killed last night in their home in Ottawa have been identified as Asma Noor and Nasiba Noor.

Police responded to a call at a McCarthy Road home at about 9 pm on Friday and found the two victims dead.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that a man had been arrested after being spotted by one of their reporters standing on train tracks near the family home at around 11 pm. Police arrested the man 15 minutes later.

A source close to the family who spoke with us on condition of anonymity has said that the girls were alone at the time of the slaying.

The name of the suspect has not yet officially been released although there are unconfirmed reports that the brother of the deceased sisters is in custody and a suspect in the double homicide.

Hiiraan Online emphasizes that these reports are unconfirmed by Ottawa Police.

Family were role models

The sisters were daughters of prominent Somali professor Abdirahman Ahmed Noor (Sulub). He has authored books on leadership studies and teaches at many institutions throughout Somalia.

A neighbour and Somali community leader Abdulkadir Maalin is shocked that a tragedy of this magnitude can befall such a nice family.

“The family was a role model in the Somali community. They were successful in every aspect of their lives in terms of education, generosity, and religious piety. They were excellent neighbours.

It’s a tragedy, any way you look at it, its just tragic. I haven’t slept much since I heard the news.”  he told Hiiraan Online. “The girls, they were really respectful.”

 Community in mourning

Ottawa is home to tens of thousands of Somali’s who expressed shock and dismay at the slayings.

The tight-knit Somali community has grappled with homicide in the past, what makes this different is the circumstances at which the sisters died and that the two girls were well-respected role models.

A funeral and burial services for the girls will be held tomorrow (Sunday, December 17, 2016) at Jami Omar Mosque located at 3990 Old Richmond Road in Ottawa.

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