Published On: Sat, Oct 15th, 2016

OCHA: Galkayo fighting impacts humanitarian assistance

Armed violence broke out in Gaalkacyo on 7 October 2016, leaving 11 people killed and dozens injured, according to local authorities.

A peace agreement reached by clan elders and the business community on 9 October failed to hold and fighting erupted less than 24 hours after it was signed.

The interim peace agreement had three key points:

(1) an immediate cessation of hostilities;

(2) an immediate withdrawal of armed personnel from the area of contention; and

(3) discussions on peaceful resolutions of the issue to continue.

A technical committee established to facilitate further negotiations between the two sides to address the root causes of the conflict is yet to make progress.

Intermittent fighting continues and humanitarian partners in Gaalkacyo estimate that over 50,000 people have been displaced as of 13 October 2016.

Local authorities have indicated that the number could be higher as more people continue to flee the violence.

In addition, the authorities in south Mudug estimate that 70,000 people have been displaced in south Gaalkacyo alone, with 90 per cent of them being IDPs from the southern part of the town. However, these figures cannot be substantiated as the situation is still fluid and volatile.

Humanitarian partners operating in Gaalkacyo are estimating that 60 per cent of the displaced are IDPs facing secondary displacements, raising protection concerns and raising vulnerability. There have also been reports of local authorities attempting to inhibit such movements.

A spot check by humanitarian organizations and local authorities confirmed that some of the IDP settlements and host communities adjacent to the Garsoor area are vacated.

In north Gaalkacyo, Al Amin-1, Afartakare, Kulmiye, and New Doonyaale IDP settlements are also vacated. Reports indicate that Qoraxay and Midnino IDP settlements in South Gaalkacyo are also vacated.

Partial displacement of IDPs has been reported in north Gaalkayco, including Al Amin-2, Bulo Kontrol and Warshad Gallay) and Bulo Jawan, Bolo Noto, Ceel Gaab and Hiraan-1 in South Galkayo.

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