Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

Minister: Kenyans involved in Nasa-Hablod hotel raid

Kenya on Tuesday received a boost in the war against Al-Shabaab after Jubaland’s newly elected government pledged support to provide local authorities with vital security information.

Jubaland delegation led by its Security Minister Abdirashid Hassan Abdinoor met with Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia to discuss how to secure the Kenya-Somalia border.

During the meeting, the Jubaland minister said three Kenyans were responsible for the recent major attacks in Mogadishu that have left tens of people dead.

Mr Abdinoor said: “We have Kenyans who have planned successful attacks in Somalia including Yussuf Abdi and Issack Gola and their ill mission can be felt in both countries.”

He also said the recent hotel bombing in Mogadishu was perpetrated by a Kenyan from Mandera identified as Issack Ibrahim Dyati.

“Terrorists are not only from Somalia but from all over,” he said.

A bomb attack at Nasa Hablod hotel in Mogadishu on July 26 killed at least 15 people and left another 20 wounded.

A suicide bomber detonated an explosive vehicle at the hotel’s gate allowing more fighters make their way inside the building.

Mr Abdinoor said Dyati planned the attack and that the two other Kenyans Yusuf Abdi and Issack Gola were leading terror activities in Somalia.

The minister said the common enemy between the Kenyan and Somalia authorities were people crossing the country from Kenya to join Al-Shabaab.

Mr Abdinoor was accompanied by Gedo Governor Mohamed Muhumed Mohamed, Jubaland Livestock Minister Mohamednoor Bule, and deputy Minister for Security Mohamed Abdi Kalil.


The minister called for cooperation between Kenya and Somalia in fighting terrorism, adding that the former should be considerate while securing the border.

Kenya has since announced construction of a wall along its border with Somalia that has received opposition from Somalia.

“Since Somalia has no weaponry power in fighting terror, we shall give you information and expect that you act on it so that we can revive our collapsed economy,” the minister said, adding that his country appreciated Kenya’s efforts to stabilize the Horn of Africa nation.

He added: “We have been receiving support from Kenya and the new administration is ready to work with you in fighting Al-Shabaab.”

Kenya is currently considering allowing Somalia authorities to use her roads in reaching the Elwak Somalia region to avoid the notoriously dangerous El Adde District.

Mr Shisia promised to engage Nairobi on Somalia’s request to be reaching Borache through Kenya.

“We trust one another and many good things are on the way coming as Jubaland works on strengthening her systems,” said Mr Shisia.

Mr Shisia was optimistic that the new Jubaland administration will work with Kenya in stabilizing the border.

“We are happy as Kenya that Jubaland has new leadership that shall see stability return in areas bordering Kenya and bring to an end terrorism that we are experiencing,” said Mr Shisia.

He said a stable neighbour was crucial for peace.

He reiterated that Kenya was willing and ready to support Jubaland back on its feet “by all means including prayers.”

Already , Kenya has her military in Somalia under AMISOM tracking down Al-Shabaab militants who often cross to Kenya to kill, maim and destroy property.

Mr Shisia said Kenya is having difficulties containing Al-Shabaab alone and appealed to the new administration to provide the necessary support.

“We have had difficulty trying to contain the situation on our own because we did not have anyone on the Somalian side to relate with other than Bulahawa authority,” he said.

Bulahawa which is closer to Mandera town on the Somalia side and has been aiding Kenya in fighting terror but Lafey and Elwak areas have remained playgrounds of the militants resulting in many deaths of innocent Kenyans.

Mr Shisia cited areas like Mlima Fisi, Omar Jillo, Fino, Damasa Elrhamu and Elwak as those most affected in the fight against terror.

“We don’t have anybody to liaise with in fighting Al-Shabaab in these areas and even getting positive engagement through Bulahawa has been difficult as the system on your side does not hold,” he told the Jubaland team.

He challenged the newly elected leaders of Jubaland to put in place good systems that could be used in solving issues along the Kenya-Somalia border from Mandera to Lamu counties.

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