Published On: Mon, Aug 15th, 2016

US forces kill Al-Shabaab commanders in Somalia

Somali commandos backed up US special forces have killed 30 al-Shabaab militants near the Kenyan border in the Southern Somalia region of Middle Juba.

Among those killed are senior al-Shabaab commanders including Abu Ubeida the al-Shabaab leader in Southern Somalia.

According to Xinhua, the militants were killed in two separate military operations in the last four days.

The Somali government confirmed that the operations took place on August 10 and 13  and mainly targeted the terror militants in Sakow town in Middle Jubba region.

“The U.S. backed by Somali commandos hit Al-Shabaab targets in Sakow town, killing 30 militants in separate security operations that took place on Aug. 10 and Aug 13. Senior members of the terror group were killed,” a Somali government official is quoted by Xinhua.

Terror group al-Shabaab was removed from its major strongholds of Mogadishu and Kismayu by African Union forces and the Kenyan military.

The terror group which now mostly operates and trains in lower Jubba has resorted to attacking civilian and military facilities in Kenya and Somalia.

The group has carried out several attacks in Kenya including the Garissa University College attack.

The Garrisa University attack which occurred in 2015 was one of Kenya’s most bloodiest terror attacks.

The militant group raided the university at dawn killing  148 people dead of which 142 were students.

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