Published On: Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

A politician accuses Farah Abdulkadir of intervening clan leadership

Ahmed Abdalla Ahmed, who is a prominent Somali politician has accused Farah Abdulkadir, a member of Somali parliament (MP) and close ally to president of  intervening a clan leadership.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Radio Shabelle, Ahmed said the formal chief Reer Aw Hassan tribe has been misused by Ex  Somali parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden during 2012 election.

“Farah Abdulkadir, the member of Somali parliament who is also hailing from the same clan is using wrongly  a fake chief of clan for the elections purpose,” Ahmed added.

He said their clan chief has been replaced with a commander in the Somalia National Army by MP Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir as a tool to elect the clan’s representatives in the parliment.

After more than two decades of conflict, Somalia is at currently in a critical period of  general elections of parliamentary and presidentially due to be held in August and September, 2016.

As election nears, the clan elders are very competitive and beneficiary of the clan-based elections, because they are the ones who elect the lawmakers that will make the next parliament which picks the president.

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